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We hope you will enjoy this book and encourage you to look for other fine products from Alfred and the National Guitar Workshop. All rights reserved. Printed in USA.

He began teaching privately in and graduaced with honors from Centeal Connecticut State University inPaul has been a faculty member at fhe National Guitar Workshop since its inception in and has published three other instruction books and wo videos for the National Guitar Workshop and Alfred. He also operates a private «caching studio in Avon, Connecti- cut. Paul played bluegrass and swing with the popular New England acoustic ensemble Last Fair Deal, with whom he recorded two albums.

Guitar Roots: Swing will take you through the basic techniques, chord voicings and stylistic nuances of swing, and will also provide ideas for soloing.

It also assumes that you have some understanding of basic music theory—time signatures, rhythms and note values ranging from whole notes to sixteenth notesharmony chords and chord symbols and so on Most swing-style guitarists play on a hollow-body, arch-top guitar like a GretschGibson L-5 or other acoustic or electric models—Epiphone, D'Angelico, and so on. Good luck! A Short History of Swing Swing is both a style and an era in the paul howard guitar roots swing download free of jazz. The swing era begs blossom in the late s and early s, at about the same time that the guitar began to take over from from the tenor banjo as the main rhythm instrument in jaz bands.

The audiences for these bands grew in leaps and bounds as American teenagers and young adults were energized by these rhythmic powethouses. Unable to just sit and a wild, energetic style listen to the early swing groups, audiences began to eng of swing dancing that became a veritable craze across the country.

Green set the standard for sw guitar during his 50 years with the Count Basie band. His style developed in parallel with the other main branches of the swing tree, the Gypsy jazz of Django Reinharde and the Western Swing of Bob Wills.

These styles are emulated today by a host of groups and players who continue to create great music that owes a debt to these forebearers. Use the CD 10 help paul howard guitar roots swing download free that you're capturing the feel of the examples, interpreting, the chythms correctly, and so on.

Have fun! What I: Suing? Swing is not only a style and an era, but also a type of chythm that has influenced many musical genres. Swing rhythm is characterized by a certain way of interpreting eighth noses notes that receive half a beat.

Instead of the expected division of the beat into two equal halves, the first note is longer than the second. One approach to playing swing cighths is to think of them as though they were cighth-note triplets, tying together the first ewo cighths as in the example below. This creates loping rhythm with lots of forward momentum, common element in many styles of popular music. Here's an example of how swing cighths work Written Played as.

In the diagrams, paul howard guitar roots swing download free grid represents the strings vertical lines and frets horizontal lines of the guitar.

The chord name is shown above the diagram. Black dots show the position of the left-hand fingers, while numbers above the diagram indicate which fingers are used. Numbers paul howard guitar roots swing download free the left of the diagram shows which frets are used. Slash marks in the staff indicate rhythms each mark usually represents a quarter-note one-beat strum of the indicated chord, CO va lg x14 xx Gs aim? Later in the book, you'll find music written in standard notation as well as in tablature TAB.

These ewo systems, which will always appear in tandem, work together to show you the rhythm of all the notes and chords, as well as their position on the neck. These include hammer-ons, pull-of slides and bends. Notice the first note of the hammer-on in the first measure. An ornamental note such as this one, which precedes a main note, is notated smaller, and is usually struck on the beat, is called a grace note.

Both the left and right hands need to learn to be in control and, at the same time, relaxed. Most playing problems can be traced to inadequacies in basic technique. The forward momentum of swing requires a solid backbone that starts with the rhythm guitar, which is especially true in small group situations. Tn lager groups, the guitar is the glue that keeps the rhythm section cooking 1, let's look at some of the issues that are important for asa unit. As we start exploring swing both hands.

For sw fairly heavy pick 1. Most players hold the pick fairly close to the point, with about one-third of the pick protruding from the side of your thumb. Let the pick give slightly as it crosses the strings, and you'll be able to strum in both directions with ease. Strumming from the wrist in an efficient and relaxed manner gives you the best control of the volume level of your paul howard guitar roots swing download free and the consistency of your attack.

You wane the chord you are strumming to sound like one big string. Paul howard guitar roots swing download free to eliminate any wasted motion. The tone of the guitar can vary greatly depending on where you strike the strings.

The closer co the bridge you strike, the brighter and thinner a tone you'll get. Listening carefully and responding to the other musicians will help you breathe life into the music you play. Keep your thumb behind the neck unless you are using it to fret a note on the 6th string a technique used only sparingly in this style. Most often, you'll use chords of three or four notes in which one or two strings need to be muted. Stings are usually muted by x lightly touching the string in question with a finger that is already fretting a note on an adjacent Rd string.

Lean the finger slightly into the string hat needs to be muted. You'll want to develop e good lef-hand control so that you can let chords ring or cur them shore with great precision. To cet the chord short, release pressure in your left hand just cnough to stop the sound. Be sure not LeficHand Position to ler the fingers lose contact with the strings. Remember to use your left hand to both fret the notes and paul howard guitar roots swing download free unwanted strings.

Use all downserokes strokes toward the floor with the pick. Notice that every strum—as opposed to those on beats two and four only, as in example 1—is short and accented. Be sure co cut the chords so that they dont carry over into the rests. The closest distance between any two notes isa half step, which is the same as one frets the distance from the Ist fret o the Ind fret is a half step.

The distance of two half steps, or ewo frets, is a whole step; the distance from the Ist fret to the 3rd fret is a whole step. The position of each note within che scale is called a scale degree. Seale degrees are numbered upward from the first note, beginning with and progressing from there.

A scale you'll often encounter is the major scale. All major scales are made of eight noces arranged in the pattern of half steps and whole steps as shown on the staff below.

A major scale takes its name from its first note scale degree 1often called the tonic. The eight notes of the scale span an octave, the closest distance between any two notes with the same name—that is, 12 half steps. The 8th degree is an octave above the Ist degree.

Many of the chords used in swing can be derived from the major scale. One way to build chords is to use every other noce of a major scale, For example, the Ist tonic3td and Sth degrees of a major scale combine to form a three-note chord called a major triad. The note paul howard guitar roots swing download free a triad is built on, and which gives that particular triad its name, is called the root, The remaining two notes of the triad, which correspond to the 3rd and 5th degrees of a major scale, are called the 3rd and 5th of the triad.

Paul howard guitar roots swing download free.Paul Howard - Guitar Roots Swing - Free Download PDF

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