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So you and your company yes — even you one-[wo]man-armies out there are brand new to the world of search engine optimization. Maybe your offline business has been suffering due to the economy or a myriad of other factors, however you are a warrior — a trooper — and you will not take no for an answer.

You know that the internet is a gold mine, but you have trouble tapping into this unending fountain of visitors. You manage to convince yourself that an online game plan is required. Over the course of a few days, you feverishly search the internet for tools and software that can help your endeavors.

After much frustration, panic, and tears, you finally come across a forum that is discussing SEO tactics and your eyes are drawn to the banter back and forth over a particular piece of software, it is called ScrapeBox. In your desire to make your business an online sensation, you register for an account on this forum and introduce yourself as a newcomer to the search engine marketing world. People respond to you and welcome you aboard and all is going well…. You proceed to ask your very first question.

The feedback you receive from the majority of self proclaimed ethical webmasters and search engine marketers alike is most accurately described in the following photo:. While this is amusing to read about, it also carries a lot of truth behind it. Time and time again we see newcomers to the SEO community being flamed off the discussion boards for questions deemed misguided, misinformed, black hat, grey hat, upside down hat, you scrapebox rapid indexer download free it.

The question begs though…. I will pose an answer to this question with another question. Is the sky blue? At this point you either think I am losing it, or you clearly understand where this is headed — and kudos to you if the latter is true!

The sky is in fact not blue or red or even orange for that matter. Its color depends upon the time of day, whether we are color blind, if we have sunglasses on, or if we can even see at all! Likewise with ScrapeBox or any other tool, software can be abused and thrown around like a plague on the human race, which sadly is the scrapebox rapid indexer download free more often than not.

On the flip-side of that coin however is an overwhelming amount of power that can help speed up daily tasks and production for even the purest of the pure, hardcore white-hat junkies. This software collects or scrapes obviously information off of the internet. Some of its features include:. While ScrapeBox has gotten a bad horrible reputation due to the unceasing scrapebox rapid indexer download free of spam it has enabled to be carried out alongside Xrumerit has a fair amount of legitimate use that can greatly speed up your day to day workflow.

If you are in need of generating industry related ideas for your marketing plan and content strategy, you can easily accomplish this with ScrapeBox in a matter of minutes compared to hours of work the normal manual way.

The best way to launch your website to the top of the SERPs in is by forming relationships with those in the industry, by cultivating useful information, and by having an authority status in your select market. Outreach to influential people is one of the best ways to get this done and you can accomplish that goal with ScrapeBox. Some people still search the following set of phrases manually in order to find link prospects:. I prefer to have a solid foundation and workflow and then attempt to automate the tasks that can be automated.

Once you have your market focus down willy-nilly, it is now time to enter that focus into the software. The purpose of this post is to show the white-hat scrapebox rapid indexer download free of this software, because you must always try to find the good in everything going on, right? The only issue with using ScrapeBox as a means of finding people to form a relationship with is the fact that proxies will be needed.

Like other software which tracks your rankings in the SERPs or goes out around the web to find potential prospects, SB can either be used with or without proxies.

As you may be aware, automating requests to the search engines is not the best course of action and the last thing you want to happen is having your IP banned due to the large number of requests being sent out. For this reason, a reliable proxy service will be the order of the scrapebox rapid indexer download free if you decide to go this route. I like to do some manual work and search out really high prospects on my own, however some people prefer the use of proxies for gathering large scale data.

It really depends on the type of project you are doing and the amount of work involved and your standpoint on the issue yes, some will argue that using proxy services is not white hat, while others will scrapebox rapid indexer download free the fact of proxies being black hat as complete nonsense…. Everyone loves backlinks. It is what the web is made up of. Love it or hate it, links have always and will for the foreseeable future, play a major role in the ranking power of any website.

Why is this true? The reason is that the internet is made up entirely of links — without links, there would not be any internet as we know it today. You get from site A to site B via a hyperlink and until that changes, backlinks will be here for some time. Backlinks can help and they can hurt. When they do hurt, it is up to you to find them and remove them or get them disavowed. Perhaps the photo below reminds you of those late nights you spent trying to fix your backlink profile:Due to this fact, backlink checkers have risen left and right over the years.

Some are free, some are paid, some are better than others as with anything in life and others downright suck. As you may be guessing, I am now going to let you know how you utilize ScrapeBox to be your own free backlink checker. There are no monthly fees involved in this, the data is simple, and you have a limit of up to 1, links returned in the report — however it is free.

First, enter in your URL inside the left text area. You will get something similar scrapebox rapid indexer download free the screenshot below:. If your addons tab looks different, it is probably because you have not installed any addons yet.

It really is that easy! Once you click the backlink checker option underneath the addons tab, you will be presented with a screen like the one below:. When the results are done, you will have the option of downloading a. Not too shabby for being free…. Of course you have your browser extensions and plugins, as well as manually looking up one domain at a time. The thing about this tool is that it is simple, but did you know that you can also check bulk URLs at the same time?

Check out the photo below:. A lot of the proxies you may use online are not SOCKS and you may run into some errors, so keep that in mind.

As you may have noticed the information brought back is rather simple, however it can be really useful if you have a bunch of URLs to check at the same time. Scrapebox rapid indexer download free we have any domain name junkies in the house? As per usual, begin by clicking the addons tab and then installing the TDNAM addon if it is not already installed. The way it works is quite simple:.

The sitemap scraper is a useful tool if you want to churn back the URLs from your website or from your competitors. As always, please install the addon from scrapebox rapid indexer download free available list of addons. Now what this addon will do, is load a valid sitemap from a domain, and then scrape all the URLs out of that sitemap.

This allows the tool to go out to each link found and then scrapebox rapid indexer download free pull in more internal links from those originally scrapebox rapid indexer download free. Just as you may have imagined, the outbound link checker is a useful addition to the software in that it allows you to quickly glance at the amount of links leaving a particular website.

It also shows internal links as well. Another nice feature is the ability to filter out results based upon your own needs. In addition to that, you have the option of removing any error entries.

See the photo below:. If you have scrapebox rapid indexer download free Twitter or Bitly in the past — then you are definitely familiar with the process of shortening a URL in order to make it fit within a specified number of characters.

The problem with many services is that you can only shorten one URL at a time. What if you had to shorten 95 of them? Of course it would. This addon allows you to:. I have some trouble getting the URL shortener to work when entering a single URL, but the tool works fine when uploading a text file list of URLs, such as the photo below:. I hate love, you hate love, we all hate love, phishing bait! Who knew that malware could be your friend?

As is the case with internet vulnerabilities, malware and other exploits make their way around the net like an out of control pest. Why not help out others who are less fortunate and inform them? You may just get a link out of the process because they will be so grateful. This addon connects to a Google database and checks the sites for any Malware currently or from days gone by.

As the process is running, you are able to glance very quickly and see which ones are the offenders. Note that sometimes errors will occur for various reasons. For this example, I grabbed a list of pinging URLs. The screenshot below shows the system in action and what you can expect to see:. Now as far as link opportunities are concerned, this takes a bit of skill, but it could be worth the effort depending on the website you have found that is infected. Here scrapebox rapid indexer download free a few steps to take:.

There is no set scrapebox rapid indexer download free on how to use this for a backlink opportunity. You have to be creative here as it will be different for every industry you are in. With ScrapeBox, you have the option of utilizing a pre made list scrapebox rapid indexer download free indexing websites that are sure to get your pages noticed.

Here is how you do it:. As you can see in the picture, there is a nice list pre-built for you. This is easy to find. All you have to do is:. Once you have this accomplished within a minuteyou will now want to load up the actual addon itself. As always, make sure it is installed first!

How i can use Scrapebox rapid Indexer - Scrapebox rapid indexer download free

Apr 08,  · If you need a list to get you started you can go to the addons menu at the top of scrapebox, then click "Show available addons". Then click on the rapid indexer addon. Then in the description below you will see a spot that says: Click HERE to download a small list of indexing sources to get you started. Feb 27,  · Remember, you need to download the addon called "rapid indexer" first. Just go to the addons button at the top of the page on the ScrapeBox menu. Follow the instructions there and add this list as the "websites to ping" list. Just thought this might help some of you guys who are struggling to get websites indexed quickly. Password. Rapid Indexer Tutorial. View our video tutorial showing the Rapid Indexer in action. This is a free addon included with ScrapeBox, and is also compatible with our Automator Plugin. We have hundreds of video tutorials for ScrapeBox. View YouTube Channel.

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    Excuse for that I interfere … To me this situation is familiar. I invite to discussion.

    This will help you index all of your sites a lot faster onto Google. Article Scraper. This will find articles from directories based on the keywords you enter. You can download many various free rapid indexer lists simply by searching google, and you can also download a starter list from scrapebox.

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